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What is this app for?

This is a management tool, focused on communicating project progress and receiving feedback.

Use "client mode"

To start you need to register. By registering you will be able to interact in all public projects and one private project.

The feedback

Every user has permission to create notes on projects and tasks. You can also edit or delete your notes.

Limitations of "client mode"

Registration, editing and deletion of Projects and Tasks are only available from the admin. a normal user does not have permissions to perform any of these actions.

Test admin access

As you can see, what I am presenting is basically client mode. but I really invite you to try the entire project. On the github repo you will find the documemtation and also some demonstrations of the admin functionalities feel free to clone the repo and test the app locally. You can ask me questions through linkedin, facebook, through my site, or through the medium in which you have seen the publication.